a carabiner ring for your profession passion or style

 The caraband™ ring completely revolutionizes the way we use our rings with its unique carabiner like form and function.

caraband™ specs



caraband™ opens and clips securely onto your belt loop, backpack, and many other thin band materials to support you in your profession passion or style.

Many professions and outdoor sports restrict you from wearing a ring. In many professions rings at work is a major safety hazard and can cause serious injuries. Rings can get caught in power tools or stuck against objects, conveyors, and moving parts of machinery.

Doctors can’t have jewelry on their hands when they operate.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts often take their rings off to avoid injury or to perform better without the distraction of jewelry on the hands. Now they can secure it in a safe place that will not get lost.

Almost everyone wears a ring that symbolizes an important commitment, moment, or accomplishment. We wear them to remind us and others of that personal and significant reason. So why not keep the ring close to you rather than stored somewhere at home? Caraband meets this need 100% by clipping it to your belt loop or any thin band of material. Your spouse will definitely appreciate you clipping your new caraband wedding band on your clothes.


In addition to the benefit of being able to take the caraband ring with you whatever your passion or profession, it becomes a helpful on-hand tool adding valuing to whatever you are doing. While camping, you can use it to hang your light in your tent or hang your mess kit pan off your belt loop. the possibilities are endless of how it can now come alive and be a part of your activities.




one of a kind